Casa Hacienda Achamaqui

Casa Hacienda Achamaqui Hotel, immersed in the Utcubamba Valley in Chachapoyas, invites you to discover the secrets of a legendary culture, full of pride and history.

We invite you to bet on a sustainable tourism, where we promote environmental conservation with great positive impacts in our surroundings, through strong ties with the communities, where we will have the natures as a guide and accomplice



Huanca Ceramics

With great joy we want to introduce you to Clotilde Alva de Puscan, a featured woman, who has cultivated the art of ceramics under the tutelage of her ancestors.

The value that its work has today, is a pride both for us and for all our local and international visitors, since it brings together the whole history and natural culture of Chachapoyas.


Cocachimba Looms

Olinda, a waist weaver since the age of 12, is proud of her ancestral art. His work consists of making a series of interlacings of cotton fiber threads (one of the finest fibers in the world and essential in the Peruvian culture history) on a wooden loom, tying them to a pole on one side and at the waist of the craftsman on the other. The work and finish of these looms is awesome!

Like Olinda, many artisans have inherited this indigenous technique; for this reason they proudly present their works, sharing their Chachapoya culture and tradition.


Leymebamba Carved in Wood

Miguel Huaman, is one of the artisans committed to their culture, since the discovery of the 200 mummies of the Chachapoya culture in Laguna de los Cóndores.

Today, their wood carvings are recognized nationally and internationally, his commitment to the sustainability of the region drove him to plant trees to compensate the impact of their activity.

Learn more about these stories and live this experience of living culture and tradition. Come and discover Casa Hacienda Achamaqui hotel!