The indomitable citadels that resisted the Inca power are surrounded by stunning natural scenarios where Chachapoyas culture built their characteristic circular buildings and complexes. The major tourist attraction in Amazonas: Kuelap Fortress is completely accessible for adventurers. It is located at 3000 m.a.s.l., in the Amazonian Andes; and it has […]

Kuelap Fortress

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Exclusive shuttle Jaen-Chachapoyas

Gocta, or “La Chorrera” as it is known locally, is considered the third highest waterfall in the world (771 meters high.) The waterfall is near the settlements of Cocachimba and San Pablo de Valera, in the province of Bongará, department of Amazonas. It is the perfect place for adventure lovers: […]

Gocta waterfall

Revash Mausoleums is a necropolis from the Chachapoyas culture. They are located in the district of Santo Tomas, province of Luya, department of Amazonas. This tourist attraction is located at an altitude of 2800 m; it was a group of tombs from Chachapoyas elite. It is quite amazing because they […]

Mummy museum of Leymebamba and Revash

The mysterious Karajía sarcophagi are located in the district of Luya, Amazonas region. The Chachapoyas had a unique way of burying their dead; they would wrap them in mantles and place them in 2.50 meters tall sarcophagi on the edge of a cliff. The sarcophagi are sophisticated sculptures consisting of […]

Karajia sarcophagi and Quiocta Caverns

This fascinating tour starts in the main streets of the city, to Chachapoyas main square, where we will see traditional colonial houses with balconies, including the Municipal Palace and the Cathedral of Chachapoyas. Then, we will go to a town called Huancas, and  from Huancas viewpoint and Huanca Urco viewpoint, […]

Route of Viewpoints