Karajia sarcophagi and Quiocta Caverns

The mysterious Karajía sarcophagi are located in the district of Luya, Amazonas region. The Chachapoyas had a unique way of burying their dead; they would wrap them in mantles and place them in 2.50 meters tall sarcophagi on the edge of a cliff. The sarcophagi are sophisticated sculptures consisting of a head and bust; it is a compact burial capsule made of mud. The heads are decorated with a trophy skull; the faces are flat and wide; and the rest of the body is designed with geometric shapes. They are placed on the edge of a calcareous rock cliff, as if they had been left there to guard all life, facing the abyss from the peaks of death. Quiocta caverns are located below a mountain that is part of the Andes; it is characterized by the excessive soil moisture. Quiocta reaches 545 meters deep into earth. This is a capricious work of mother nature; there are seven rooms with stalactites and stalagmites. Entrance to the cavern is through a grotto of five meters diameter. In spite of the dim light inside, you can see some figures in the cemetery: the pharaoh and the mummy, the Inca, the angel watching a birth, the lanzon , a cacique chief looking at a princess, the washbasin and the wishing fountain.

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