Mummy museum of Leymebamba and Revash

Revash Mausoleums is a necropolis from the Chachapoyas culture. They are located in the district of Santo Tomas, province of Luya, department of Amazonas. This tourist attraction is located at an altitude of 2800 m; it was a group of tombs from Chachapoyas elite. It is quite amazing because they are built on cliffs. Some others have two levels and have T-shaped, cross-shaped or square windows. The rocks are painted with red circles, llamas and other magic symbols. Leymebamba Museum opened in June 2000; it holds more than 200 mummies and their burial offerings, which were recovered in 1997 from the Lake of the Condors by an emergency archaeological project directed by the Centro Mallqui. Most of these cultural remains are from Chachapoyas culture and the Inca dominance in the area. They are surprisingly well-preserved textiles. There is one that is 3 meters long and it stands out for its technique. Also, you can see quipus from the Inca culture that were found in the lake. Wooden boxes used by the Chachapoyas to transport mummies are also exhibited in the museum. If you like orchids, the museum has a garden with 50 varieties.

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